Democracy Straight-Up 


Direct Legislation Direct Representation


Have you ever wondered if there were a better system of government than democracy?  Maybe a benevolent monarch would be the ticket. Or a strong dictator (who, of course, agrees with your personal politics). What say we abolish private property and set up a communist state controlled by the vanguard of the proletariat! Better yet, we could settle on one religion, and let the leaders of it order us around whether we like it or not. Yay! How about that?

Or maybe not. It seems like all of those ideas have been tried out before. And they really didn’t work very well.

Turns out, there is a better system than democracy, namely, a better democracy.  Direct Legislation combined with a merit-based system of delegation called Direct Representation that provides us with the fundamental underpinnings of good self-government that have, unfortunately, been missing all along. The Democracy Straight-Up Project is setting up something called a District Direct Legislature in all 435 US Congressional Districts.  We call them DDL’s for short. The majority vote of each DDL will determine the vote an elected House Rep casts on the floor of the US House.

We are confident that there are enough Americans out there who will embrace this project to get the ball rolling, build momentum, and finally achieve our goal–which, after all, once you read about it, might be your goal too.