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Connected Representation
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Democracy, Straight -Up!

The Democracy, Straight-Up! Project will revolutionize how legislators are elected to office–and how the will of the people becomes the law of the land–starting at the federal level.

Yes, this will change everything.

We are calling it:

“The Straight-Up Revolution.”

How This Works

First, representatives will win office, not by campaigning, but by being ‘put forward’ by the voters of a district in a process we call Connected Representation. By eliminating the need for campaigns, we can free the system of many previously ‘necessary’ evils–the corrupting influence of money, how party politics distorts the actual will of the people, and, most importantly, the massive disconnect between voters and their representatives. To this end, the Democracy, Straight-Up! Project will be overseeing the construction of a system of Connected Representation nationwide, that is, in all of the 435 US Congressional Districts.

Second, Connected Representation makes something possible that has long been thought desirable, but impractical, namely, Connected Legislation. It will become straight-forward, and eventually even routine, for voters to vote directly on legislation, on a bill by bill basis. They can do this through something called a Connected District Legislature (CDL), made up of all the voters in the district that choose to participate. We will help them set it up. Through the CDL, a member can be put forward to serve as House Rep, and they can then vote with the majority of the members, without being accountable to any political party, and without being beholden to donors–among many other benefits.

The Straight-Up Revolution is getting ready to take America by storm and we need good people all pulling in the same direction. If you are interested in enlisting, we need your skills. Send us an email and we’ll set up a time to discuss.

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