The Cause to Jumpstart All Causes

The Cause to Jumpstart All Causes

One of the great things about The DSUp Project, which I would like to impress on those giving it its day in court, is that it is The Cause to Jumpstart All Causes.

Think about it this way. Imagine a major change to the law, at the federal level, that is associated with a majority sentiment of voters, right now, in America. There are more than a few of those, haunting the zeitgeist.

Really, you’ll have to imagine one. I’m not going to give an example. Any example I offer will make it seem like the Project is partisan, in some way, on that issue. For some issues, even bringing them up is partisan. So you’ll really need to settle on something in your own head to proceed. Focus—there is an issue. It has a legislative aspect. A majority of Americans approve of the legislation. It’s still not getting done.

Can you see it?

So, here’s the thing: after the Direct Revolution, that cause will no longer be stalled. That legislation, which the majority of voters actually wants, will be passed and will become law. And don’t forget, also, that legislation, which your cause wants to remove and which a majority of voters would also like to see go bye-bye—well, if you had DDL’s all across America right now, it wouldn’t even be an issue. The law would be repealed, rescinded, revoked, gone!

Now, that seems like a beautiful thing, and it is…but it does come at a price. If you get to have your way on something that you believe in along with the majority, it also means that ideas you vehemently abhor have a chance to be codified into law if a majority of American voters give them the thumbs up.


Can you see it? Are you imagining it? Is it scary?

What can I say, that’s they way it’s gotta be. If you really think the majority is going to do something stupid, stop relying on some sneaky tactic to trick them out of it. Get your arguments ready and do battle—rhetorically speaking.

“Direct Legislation is a rising tide that lifts all boats.” Who said that? It must have been someone very wise.

So, people, join the cause that is your cause no matter what your cause! Email me at

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